Trading Signals


E-Mini S&P 500 (ES) futures Daily Chart Mean Reversion Signals

Signal: Millennium Falcon: Strategy not disclosed (13 year backtest results)
Signal: BB-8: Incorporates Relative Strength Index – (13 year backtest results)
Signal: Scavenger: Incorporates Average True Range – ATR mean reversion (13 year backtest results)
Signal: Crucible: Incorporates Relative Strength Index – RSI when Above the 200ma (13 year backtest results)
Signal: Dark Side: Short incorporates consecutive up days when Below the 200ma (13 year backtest results)

ES very short swing strategies use a max stop loss at all times of $2150 from the entry price per contract traded.

30 Year U.S Treasury Bonds (ZB) Daily Long Only Mean Reversion Signals

Signal: 007: Incorporates Average True Range – ATR (13 year backtest results) max stop loss $2000 per contract

Notice: Trading Futures involves substantial risk & not suitable for all investors. Past performance not indicative of future results.  All contents of this blog article are provided for information purposes only. This blog article should not be interpreted as investment advice, as an endorsement of any security or futures contract.

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